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We are a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) in 4 states – Not only we can create small claims petition for you but we can also file documents for you to the court overnight

What is the total cost?

Our Service Fee: $129
Court Fees: Around $50 to $100 dollars for the petition (depends on the county) and another $75 for serving per defendant. Court fees are due at the time of the filing. So in total it will be approximately between $250 to $300. Note: All fees mentioned here will be added to your case against the defendant(s) so it may end up costing nothing to you!

How does it work?

  • Step #1- Complete the quick and easy to understand questionnaire.
  • Step #2- US Legal PRO will use the information that you have provided to prepare your petition packet.
  • Step #3- If you have not notified the defendant of your claim: US Legal PRO will mail the defendant a demand letter stating the basis of your claim and how much you are asking for. If you have notified the defendant of your claim: US Legal PRO can still create such a demand letter to help you get a quick settlement.
  • Step #4- US Legal PRO will send you a summary of the petition packet for your approval via email. There you can review the packet and request any changes that are needed.
  • Step #5- Once Us Legal PRO has your final approval, we will eFile your petition.
  • Step #6- After court accepts your petition, we will give the defendant "Legal Notice".
  • Step #7- US Legal PRO will send you a Court Stamped Petition and Instructions on what to do next.
  • Step #8- Go to the court on the day the court is scheduled to hear your case and present your documents. Just to be on the safe side, take 3 copies of all the documents to the court. Once, the judge signs the judgment, turn it in to the court clerk.
We provide a very unique service as we are a state-certified electronic filing service provider. We will do all the process-centric court related work and you go to the court for the hearing. It is not a great idea to hire a third party company and have them go to the hearing as you understand your situation better than anyone else as you are the landlord.

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